My name is Jean-Jacques Taylor, award-winning journalist & storyteller.


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About Me

'If you believe my father, I've wanted to be a sports reporter since I was five-years-old.'

My Version of The Story:

I seem to remember the bug hitting me when I was 12, when I realized that I didn't have the skill-set to be a starting tight end for the Washington Huskies.


Here's some of my highlight reel:

  • 1995

    Cowboys Beat Reporter, Dallas Morning News

    I was promoted from HS writer to Cowboys beat reporter

    • one of a handful of reporters to get two front page stories on the same day which occurred in 2004, the day that Cowboys cut Quincy Carter
    • covered the beat for 11 consecutive years at the Dallas Morning News, one of the longest tenures at the paper


  • 2007

    General Sports Columnist, Dallas Morning News

    I was the only person ever in the history of the Dallas Morning News to matriculate from intern to general sports columnist

  • 2011 - 2017

    Columnist, ESPN

    • earned the New York Press Club Award with Shaun Assael for story on former athlete who committed murder
    • wrote the definitive oral history of Tony Romo
    • in 2016, I became the 5th African-American to host a daily radio show
  • 2017 - 2019

    Cowboys Insider, NBC 5

    I was the first and only Cowboy's Insider for the network

  • Present

    Cohost, JaM Session Podcast & President, JJT Media Group

    • These are my latest ventures where I share different perspectives on sports and all of the things therein 


    • This is also where I use my talents and long-standing relationships to help you tell YOUR story in the most memorable way possible


Some of Our Clients

We have worked with some of the most recognized names in sports


Is Only As Good, As Its Teller

The JJT Media Group wants to tell your story and turn it into a beautiful, framed memory that will hang on your wall as a constant reminder of one of the most memorable times in your life whether you play football, basketball, soccer, run track or something else.


celebration of life

The JJT Media Group would love to serve you and honor your loved one with a story about their life and serve as a historical record for future generations.


No matter what platform interests our clients, we can teach you to be a superior reporter and interviewer.

It's what we do best.


If you need it written, the

JJT Media Group

can write it.

We take the same approach to every writing assignment whether it’s a long-form profile or a newsletter. We write simple easy-to-read stories filled with details that make you feel like you know the subject intimately.


Trust me, you'll thank us later.

What’s the one thing everybody wants to know at wedding? How did the bride and groom meet.

Who pursued whom? Who fell in love first? When did they know it was love?

Every love story is beautiful and unique, which is why it should be preserved for generations.

JJT Media Group would love to record your love story for posterity .


Let us write your business story

Communicating your businesses' story is not only a great idea, it's great marketing.  The JJT Media Group will produce your business story in a competent, compelling, and personal way.


Professional. Captivating.

At the JJT Media Group, we specialize in providing unique and interesting content that will make your company’s newsletter stand out from others.  That’s important because newsletters are designed to disseminate information and tell potential customers about your business.  Our personal interviews and stories will make your newsletter a must-read.  For current clients, the newsletter will reinforce what they love about your company. For potential clients, it'll make them wonder why they aren’t clients.

Speaking Engagements

In the 10th grade, I knew that if I was going to make it as a sports journalist then I needed to overcome my shyness. So I took a speech class.  To this day, I still use the techniques I learned in that class, which has helped me become an engaging, energetic speaker with a knack for quickly connecting to my audience.


I've covered athletes such as Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Darren Woodson, Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Hamilton, Pudge Rodriguez and Mike Modano. I’ll take you inside various locker rooms and tell you what I've gleaned about success, failure, perseverance and the role race plays in our society.


In the process, I’ll make you laugh and reflect. My goal is not to persuade you to agree with me, it's to get you to consider a perspective you might not have otherwise considered.

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